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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5

В общем из заголовка всё понятно. Вышла новая версия лучшей оболочки для коммуникаторов на Windows Mobile — SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.

Несклько скриншотов:

Ну и краткий список изменений:

Version 3.5 (Sep 30, 2009):

  • New widgets:
    • Tasks
    • Picture frame (widget and fullscreen slideshow)
    • Facebook status
    • Twitter status
    • Birthdays reminders
    • Four instant wireless switches (WiFi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, and Phone Switch)
    • Internet search
    • Operator’s name
    • Date
    • Alarm
  • Updated widgets:
    • Contact: ability to choose the default action
    • Wireless manager: icon shows current states, and popup shows current states
    • Weather: support for more advanced skins with detailed forecast and current weather conditions
  • 3D email and SMS viewer
  • Access to online catalog in the «Change Background» dialog box
  • Streamlined background change (with cropping and easy to view local gallery)
  • Current weather conditions (in addition to forecast)
  • Gravity sensor support in the 3D carousel
  • Improved 3D carousel design (e. g. added reflections)
  • New «Add Widget» dialog
  • Widget skin selection with preview
  • New skins for most widgets
  • Widget-based Professional home
  • Option to have only one home screen (lifestyle or professional)
  • Option to change the number of screens in lifestyle or professional layouts
  • Weather in Agenda
  • Tactile feedback on tap-and-hold
  • Option to choose the default tab for Contacts and Launcher
  • Improved design of most dialogs (popup menus, settings, etc.)
  • Category filter in the contact list
  • Improved widget edit mode (widget can be dragged to other pages, recycle bin for easy delete etc.)
  • Color themes support on Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Integration with SPB Weather and SPB Traveler via widgets
  • Improved «Choose Shortcut» dialog box with similar look to SPB Menu

SPB Mobile Sh

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